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Happy New Years 2023

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Another year ends! Times goes so fast. When I was younger, the path of my life seemed to extend into infinity. Now that I am a senior, the path seems very finite indeed. But this very finiteness blesses me with a motivation to wake up and make the remaining years count.


I now know that no pleasures of the senses last. No circumstances stay the same. No-thing truly satisfies. All things are ephemeral.


What lasts is the knowledge and wisdom that have been gained and one’s relationship with the Inner Self. Am I more loving? Less worried? More peaceful? Can I give to others? Am I more happy for no reason whatsoever?


Turning more within, developing an abiding opening to the source of life within, this is now my task.


I wish you a happy new year. May you come ever closer to your True Inner Self.


Randall Krause

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